We are so excited to be opening the doors for in person worship this week! One of the new procedures to ensure that we all stay as healthy and safe as possible is Contactless Children’s Check-in.
Follow these steps:
  • come into the sanctuary & see the new check-in station in the back of the room.
  • pull out your phone and text the word “check” to the following number: 706-314-8623 (we suggest that you save this number to your phone for your convenience).
  • you will receive a text back that you will tap to open. Select which children you are checking in, and then click the button at the bottom to submit.
  • You will receive a parent code on your phone, and your labels will print at the check in station. Please be patient as the printing of the labels may take a minute.
  • Once your labels have printed, please pick them up, affix it to their back, and then a volunteer will walk them to their classes downstairs.
We are excited to be able to offer a convenient and simple alternative to the traditional check in method! Technology is helping to aid us in a safe reopening.
Again, we highly encourage you to go ahead and save the text to check in number 706-314-8623 to your phone so you are ready on Sunday mornings!
See you on Sunday!
Don’t forget, if you are not yet ready to return, that Journey will continue to live stream services via Facebook for the entire month of June.