1. The Gospel: Placing faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the only source of redemption for mankind.
2.The Bible: Acknowledging God’s authority through the obedience and adherence to the Bible, God’s true written word.
In short, we adjust our beliefs to the Scriptures. We do not adjust or reinterpret the Scriptures to our beliefs.
3.Prayer: Dedicating ourselves, individually and collectively, to a continuous dialogue with the one true God.Prayer is the foundation of all we do as individuals and as a church.
4.Evangelism: Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through community events and personal opportunities
5.Service: Serving God by serving others, including those in our church and in our community by meeting spiritual and physical needs
6.Discipleship: Sharing life experiences intimately in order to realize and nurture a personal relationship with Christ.
7.Family: Demonstrating the Good News of Jesus Christ through our church and personal family, welcoming all people.
8.Love: Reflecting God’s unconditional love through authentic relationships with everyone.
Please click here to see a PDF document which states Journey’s Doctrine & Beliefs/Supporting Scriptures.