It’s So Much More than Just Food in Your Belly!

Today is the day when your family lunch plans can mean so much more than just food in your belly!
It’s the day that every bite will have a meaning.
Every plate served has a purpose
Why? You ask. Great question.
Today after church, there will be an awesome meal that you can partake in for any amount of donation. When you choose to stay for lunch you are choosing to help orphans clear across the world in Ethiopia.
When you say yes to this opportunity you are helping to send three men from our church on a life changing Mission trip in April.
When you say yes to this, you are helping to do something AMAZING with your time and resources. Plus you get to spend time with some awesome people!
Let’s eat lunch today like it means something. Because it DOES. You are helping to send Andy Butts, Garett Riemersma, and Quincy Torrence to deliver formula and serve orphans in Ethiopia. You are helping to deliver HOPE.

So let’s eat!