Popup Clothing Closet

It’s Spring time! And with all of this time spent at home, we realize that many of you might be doing a little bit of spring cleaning. If you have gently used clothing that you are able to donate, we ask that you would consider bagging it up and saving it for Journey’s Pop -up Clothing Closet!
It’s really simple; just bag up clothing and label what is in the bag (or plastic container) by size and gender. We realize it is an extra step, but it is best if they are kept separate (even if you just use small plastic walmart or grocery bags to separate them). This way we can get to them more easily and with less time sorting.For example: Boys Clothing, Sizes 4t-5t.
When you have a bag ready, send an email to loricaldwell18@gmail.com and let us know the size and gender of clothing you have to share! We will create a master list to pull items from. We are working on finding a good spot to store these items, but for now, if we can individually pack them up and know where we have access to them, we will know who to contact.
In light of the current state of things, this ministry is only going to grow in importance and value. We can plan ahead by setting aside clothing for those in need!
Last Christmas those at Journey were challenged in just 1 week to donate any unused clothing and we collected SO MUCH that we were in amazement. Not only that, but we were able to set up the church’s worship center and allow families who were picking up Christmas gifts for the children to come and shop for free! The people who came through were so thankful for the blessing of the pop-up Clothing Closet ministry.
The great thing about this ministry is that as needs arise, we will be prepared to help take care of that clothing need. For example; we find out a family of 5 loses their home in a house fire. We call up John, Debbie and Sue who have clothing items to fit every family member. We collect the bags and deliver them to the family in need. Its a very practical ministry that can help meet the needs of those in our community!
Please also consider donating the following items for use in the Pop-up Clothing Closet Ministry:
  • collapsible clothing racks
  • large plastic totes with lids
  • large labels and permanent markers
  • plastic grocery bags for times we open up for “shopping”

Thank you for making a difference by providing a basic need for those who can use the help!