Journey Church is reopening doors for in person gatherings THIS Sunday, June 7th!!!!!!!!
The following meetings WILL be taking place at 11am:
  • Adult Worship Service in Main Worship Center Auditorium
  • Youth Gathering in the Fellowship Hall (please go to the far kitchen entrance. Only students and volunteers allowed)
  • Children’s Sunday School Classes, Downstairs (Please read JourneyKidsCovidGuidelines for extra precautions & guidelines for children’s classes)
The following will NOT be taking place until further notice:
  • in person Bible Studies (Tuesday night prayer and Wednesday night Bible study will continue via ZOOM)
  • breakfast, coffee, or any meals (We will let you know when these things can resume)
  • additional events outside of those listed above.

While we would love to see everyone this week, we understand that may not be the best thing for your family. We will continue to stream our services for the month of June via Facebook Live.

We know this is ALOT of information, but PLEASE take a moment to THOROUGHLY read the guidelines and precautions that we have set into place to ensure a safe reopening:
1.For ease of mind, temperatures will be checked for all attending. There will be someone just inside the Worship Center with a touchless thermometer who will check your temperature. As always, if you are feeling unwell or suspect you have a temperature, please stay home and rest. Important: ALL STUDENTS AND VOLUNTEERS ATTENDING GRAVITY MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL WILL NEED TO DO THIS BEFORE GOING NEXT DOOR.
2. Masks are optional. Please do what you feel the most comfortable with and encourage anyone with higher risk to wear them.
3. Hand sanitizer stations will be available
4. There will be Contactless Children’s Checkin. Please click here for more information.
5. Downstairs bathrooms will be reserved for only children and the children’s volunteers. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you do have to use the bathroom upstairs, please be timely as others may need to use it.
6.Wash hands for at least 20 seconds.
7. Please refrain from touching others. While you may feel comfortable with it, others may not. We are still being asked to follow the 6 ft distance rule. We understand we all love each other and that we are a church that likes to hug, but this is a requirement in order to reopen.
8.Bulletins will be available at a table for pickup but will not be physically handed out.
Please be assured of this:
The church will be entirely cleaned and sanitized for each Sunday service. Classrooms will be thoroughly sanitized. Children’s classes will be following certain special guidelines that meet the criteria for reopening which includes the number of children who will be allowed in each class. Volunteers are being trained via Zoom this week by our Children’s Director, Chassidy Hoffman.
We are looking SO forward to seeing everyone and can’t wait to worship our Creator as one body. Technology has been such a blessing during this time of separation and we thank God for that, but we are excited to meeting with you all IN PERSON on Sunday!