zoom Bible Study Refresh

Hey Guys!
Last week we took a week off to revamp things a little bit for the Zoom Wednesday night Bible Study! We are now in Chapter 2 of 1 Peter and as requested, here is the new formatted Bible Study! It is pretty simple and is broken up into 5 days. It doesn’t matter which day it is completed on as long as you come to Wednesday night study with it. This is meant to be a help to you as you soak in the Scripture and meditate on what is being said, giving you a chance as individuals to digest it and apply it before we meet together to discuss it on Wednesday evenings. The first page has the scriptures being covered and directions for the week’s work. Please leave the gray space blank. We will fill that out together on Wednesday.
If you have not had a chance to take part in the Bible Study on Wednesday, it is never too late! We would love for you to jump on in at any time. Login information is on the packet. These may be picked up tomorrow morning, or you can download it right here: 1Peter2wk1
“See” you via Zoom on Wednesday night at 7:30 pm. Can’t wait! And we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning for 11am Worship as well.